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HTC Academy

By professionals, for professionals

HTC Academy

Welcome to the HTC Academy, which is packed with material covering the latest about professional floor solutions.

Thousands of satisfied attendants

The HTC Academy is now in its eighth year and we can establish that it has been a success much exceeding our expectations. Thousands of satisfied attendants have participated in this one and a half day seminar and have received a thorough education about our floor solutions, machines and tooling concepts.

Both new and previous participants invited

The Academy program is shaped not only towards new participants but also towards all of you among our customers that have previously already participated in the HTC Academy. A lot is happening in the industry and there is a constant development forward. We believe that the HTC Academy is an excellent forum to stay up-to-date and to ensure you have the knowledge about all the new floor concepts that constantly are developed. Many news has also been presented on the machine and tooling side lately.


Download your registration form on the right. Select the country in which you intend to participate. Contact your local HTC office if you need more information. You can also find more specific information about each Academy/University under the information for each office.

  • Henrik Lindkvist
    Product Specialist Floor Solutions / Academy Coordinator
    HTC Sweden AB

    Henrik Lindkvist
    +46 121 294 00 henrik.lindkvist@husqvarnagroup.com

  • Mikael Stuhrmann
    Product Manager Floor Solutions & Academies
    HTC Sweden AB

    Mikael Stuhrmann
    +46 121 294 00 mikael.stuhrmann@husqvarnagroup.com

  • Tomas Torvaldsson
    Product Specialist Floor Solutions
    HTC Sweden AB

    Tomas Torvaldsson
    +46 121 294 00 tomas.torvaldsson@husqvarnagroup.com


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