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HTC 80 iD

How to take control

  • HTC 80 iD and HTC 800 RX
    HTC 80 iD and HTC 800 RX
  • HTC 80 iD
    HTC 80 iD
  • HTC 80 iD
    HTC 80 iD

HTC 80 iD improves your efficiency with up to 15% compared to a traditional solution. The HTC 80 iD is equipped with a high performance integrated pre-separator that removes up to 95% of the dust and increase filter lifetime.

With HTC 80 iD you will reduce the non-productive time as it’s made for continuous operation. Now your operators have no excuse to stop before lunch, it's nonstop production!

Adapts to your needs and habits

The HTC 80 iD can be used in various ways depending on your setup. For maximum efficiency and output we recommend a remote controlled grinder.

If you use a traditional grinder without remote control you can still benefit from the double Longopac or make use of the optional remote control to turn on & off the dust extractor from a distance.


Like all HTC's dust extractors, the HTC 80 iD is HEPA 13 classified which makes it suitable also for asbestos removal.

Technical Data

NameHTC 80 iDHTC 80 iD
Article Number501909113432
Length1170 mm46 inch
Width800 mm32 inch
Height1730/1810 mm68/71 inch
Weight260 kg573 lbs
Motor output7,5 kW11,5 hp
Power consumption16,7 A17,3 A
Voltage3x400 V3 x 460 V
Frequency50/60 Hz60 Hz
Dust Extraction motors11
Max theoretical airflow700 m³/h476 cfm


  • Bypass valve
    Integrated pre-separator & bypass valve

    Improves filter lifetime, capacity & productivity. Keep your grinder running with continuous operation.

  • A perfect match
    A perfect match

    Flow optimized for concrete dust and HTC floor grinders increases your output.

  • Optional remote control
    Optional remote control

    The remote control increases your productivity and flexibility.

  • Large filter area
    3,5 m² main filter area

    3,5 m² main filter area gives a continuous high flow over time and longer cycles between filter cleaning.

  • Filter cleaning
    Filter cleaning

    Simple and effective, makes the filters as new with maximum capacity.

  • Lockable wheels
    Lockable wheels

    Easy to transport and maneuver.

  • Longopac

    Longopac™ makes it both faster and easier to empty the grinding dust. It is also economically advantageous since 100% of the bag material is used.

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