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HTC 400

Floor grinder with incredible removal rate

HTC 400

The HTC 400 is a very powerful grinder with a large grinding disc and high grinding capacity. The grinder is designed for heavy floor prep jobs, grinding away level differences and casting joints, and for quickly removing coatings. The motor and chassis can be easily separated, and the chassis is collapsible for easy handling and transport. The grinder even has a digital time counter.

  • Start grinding with one button
    Start grinding with a push of a button

    The start/stop button is all you need to start grinding

  • Collapse and transport
    Collapse and transport

    Easy to separate the motor and chassis, easy to collapse and transport.

  • Keeping an eye on the hours
    Keeping an eye on the hours

    Hour meter tells you how long you've been grinding totally with the machine.

  • Quickly change tools
    Quickly change tools

    The EZchange™ system speeds tool changes and gives you access to a wide range of HTC tools.

  • Keeping grinding dust  under control
    Keep grinding dust under control

    A floating grinding hood that responds to floor irregularities means improved dust extraction.

Technical Data

NameHTC 400HTC 400
Item no.967932601967932602
Length1360 mm1360 mm
Width470 mm470 mm
Height960 mm960 mm
Weight110 kg119 kg
Motor output4,0 kW3,0 kW
Power consumption9 A18 A
Voltage3 x 400 V1 x 230 V
Frequency50 Hz60 Hz
Grinding pressure49 kg46 kg
Revolution speed1450 rpm1140 rpm
Grinding discs1 x 400 mm1 x 400 mm
Grinding width400 mm400 mm
Grinding motors11
Recommended Dust Extraction SystemsHTC D30
  • HTC 400
    HTC 400
  • HTC 400
    HTC 400
  • START & GRIND controls
    START & GRIND controls



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