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About HTC

The history of the company

HTC was founded in 1987 and is a rapidly expanding technology company that manufactures and develops surface processing products. A patented grinding system for floors was launched in 1992. Today, HTC is a leader in the international market for floor systems based on diamond technology, with several patent-protected technical solutions out on the market. HTC has also developed unique floor solutions, including a solution for polished concrete under the brand name HTC Superfloor™. HTC became a part of Husqvarna Construction in 2017.

Our business concept

With a high level of service and the market’s best and most innovative, comprehensive solutions, we provide our customers around the globe with a simple, environmentally friendly and profitable approach to carrying out their day-to-day operations.

The story of HTC

HTC has been the driving force behind the growing floor grinding industry for more than 30 years. HTC began as a family owned and operated business in the idyllic city of Söderköping, where founders Håkan and Gunn Thysell developed the first planetary grinder, incorporating diamond tools they’d developed themselves, that enabled hard floors to be worked in an entirely new way. This was the result of the company’s strong talents in innovation, and it filled a clear need in the market.

1. Leading, full-service supplier
This first grinder led to completely new methods and products for prepping, grinding and polishing concrete floors. During the coming decades, HTC quickly established itself as the leading and most dedicated company in the industry, with a complete line of machines, accessories, tools, service and support.

2. Customer-driven product development
HTC has led development in the floor grinding industry for three decades by being an active and responsive partner for contractors all over the world. The strategy has been to actively capture the needs of users, contractors, leasing companies, architects and others who strive to be at the leading edge of development – and to transform their everyday challenges into new opportunities.

3. Strong system synergies
HTC’s strength is in the clear synergies between machines, accessories, tools and the knowledge we provide – such as through the HTC Academy and our employees’ expertise. Each of the grinders, vacuum cleaners, tools, courses and methods are among the industry’s best. Together they make up the solutions that create maximum business benefits and optimal results.

4. HTC Superfloor™ – the complete polishing concept for concrete floors
The basic idea behind system synergies can be seen in many of HTC’s solutions. It’s most apparent in HTC Superfloor™, the world’s first certified polishing process for concrete floors. Using HTC’s machines, tools, user training and methods, grey and dirty floors are transformed into high-gloss floors that are easy to clean, environmentally friendly, attractive and durable.

5. HTC DURATIQ™ – a new standard
As a direct result of this approach, HTC launched the new DURATIQ grinder series in 2016. In many ways, it’s a trailblazing product platform, with performance, operational reliability and work environment attaining entirely new heights. DURATIQ, the first in a series of product launches from HTC, marks the beginning of a new era for the floor grinding industry by bringing together robust design, refined engineering and smart digital functions in a compact, effective and very easy-to-use machine.

6. A sustainable approach
Since the beginning in 1987, HTC has been characterized by a sustainable approach to the environment and to relations with customers, distributers and suppliers, social responsibility and respect for the individual. HTC is known for its strong sense of responsibility to customers, users and floor owners. This is why each employee has a clear mandate to always do that little extra to ensure the success of everyone in the chain.

7. HTC stands for a premium experience
When our customers put their trust in HTC’s products, methods and knowledge to succeed in their business ventures and the assignments they’ve taken on, they’re entitled to expect something extra. At HTC, there are countless stories of how our employees have taken imaginative approaches to problems over the years and discovered new solutions to the challenges faced by our customers. Because no floor in the world is exactly like any other, it’s in the nature of things that HTC’s experience, friendly service and breadth make a big difference for our customers.

Sales locations

HTC has sales offices and distributors in more than 60 countries. However, not everyone might have the complete selection of HTC products. If you cannot find a distributor in your country, or the product you require is not available, please contact the head office HTC Sweden.

Machines and Tools 

Are you interested in HTC’s floor grinders, dust extractors and diamond tools? For more information about sales locations, please select the country of your choice here.


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