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Stone+tec Report

After Domotex in January Stone+Tec was HTC’s second exhibition for the year in Germany.


Stone+Tec Germany

After Domotex in January Stone+Tec was HTC’s second exhibition for the year in Germany.

Stone+Tec is the exhibition where natural stone specialists within different segments meet. The exhibition is held every second year and always in Nürnberg in southern Germany.

HTC participated in this exhibition two years ago as well and had a very good response and got many great connections with customers. Facing this exhibition it was obviously quite uncertain how the exhibition would develop due to the financial crisis. Already during the set up we received reports about drastic declines in sold exhibition floor space and all halls now had many “Lounge zones” instead of normal exhibition booth’s since many exhibitors had canceled their participation at the last minute. The expectations of the exhibition were for this reason not as high as two years ago.

Great interest for the HTC booth
Nevertheless, we were delighted to see that the interest for HTC’s booth was great and already at day 1, which for most other exhibitors we talked to felt flat, we were able to book many interesting leads and the booth was during most of the day crowded.
Day 2-3 we had lots of interest and most of the time the booth was full. All exhibition co-workers were constantly busy with demonstrations and discussions with current and potential customers and the booth also received a lot of praise – tasteful and very suited with the image HTC is associated with.

There was interest for all the products that was exhibited, and even if the exhibition focuses on the natural stone industry we also had lots of requests regarding wood grinding and obviously polishing of concrete. The number of new leads was somewhat less than two years ago, but the high frequency of returning visits made the total number of visits in the booth significantly higher this year. Furthermore, the number of less interesting visitors was much reduced. The quality of this year’s visitors was definitely the best we have experienced of all our exhibitions in Germany during the last three years!
In all we were very happy with the exhibition and will absolutely welcome current and new customers in Nürnberg the next time it happens.

Best Regards,
Fredrik Andersson