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Big Wednesday No 8

New products from the Innovators


BW No8

Big Wednesday is the HTC-way to launch new products on the market. Today, the 3:rd of September new and improved products will be launched for the floor grinding business.

HTC Cure+
A new densifier that will replace HTC Cure. The solution contains more lithium, which gives a better effect and a stronger floor. The concentrate is diluted with water which means less HTC Cure+ to transport. Read more here.

HTC Ravager
The HTC Ravager creates a bush hammered profile perfect for high traction exterior surfaces. It has an extremely high stock removal capacity and can remove rigid or brittle coatings up to 10mm in thickness. Read more here.

Updated T-Rex® series
The T-rex series have been updated and consist today of as many as 5 different tools plus a cup grinding wheel. Read more here.

Earlier this year HTC launched the SMHX series, four tool series for all concrete. Now all the tools are in stock, ready to be delivered. Read more here. 

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