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New digital tool search

Find the right tool in three simple steps


Find the right tools for the right job in three easy steps

Now it's even easier to find tools for your floor grinding job with HTC's tool search on the web.


1. Floor type
For example soft concrete, hard concrete, glue, paint, epoxy or wood flooring.

2. Job type
For example edge grinding, floor prep or polishing.

3. Coating thickness (if applicable)
For example below 1 mm, 1-3 mm, or over 3 mm.

You are then shown the tools that best suit your needs.

To filter further, you can choose whether you are dry or wet grinding, or if only metal or plastic tools should be displayed, thus limiting the selection. For each floor type, there are also recommendations and tips to keep in mind when grinding, for the best possible results.

Try the tool search

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