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HTC Superprep™

HTC Superprep™ - level surface & floor preparation

Why is grinding the best method to level a surface and for floor preparation?

Thanks to grinding, you can remove old floor coverings, level out the underlying concrete surface and create the perfect surface for further treatment of your floor ...
... all in one action!

That's the definition of HTC Superprep™.

Grinding floors is nothing new; people have been doing it for thousands of years. Nevertheless, few people know that the trend in grinding machines and diamond tools over the last 20 years means that now you can save time and money by using grinding machines to level a surface and for floor preparation.

  • Save time - ready for further treatment
  • Save money - less material consumption
  • Environmentally friendly - save energy
  • Improve your working environment - smarter working methods
  • 20 years experience - Customised training
  • Simplicity - The Floor solution in a box


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