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Technology to save time

Bridge before and after


While repairing and changing waterproofing layers, we remove residual material effectively from the previous waterproofing layer and form a perfect surface structure for adhesion. In conjunction with the new construction, the surface concrete is ground away and a perfect surface for adhesion is formed.

One of the great advantages of using grinding machines is that they are gentle on structures. Cracks, which might otherwise occur when using heavy equipment such as milling machines, are avoided completely with a grinding machine, which works the surface horizontally. This in turn increases service life.

Closing a bridge incurs significant costs to the community. It is therefore important for bridge works to be carried out as quickly and effectively as possible. This requires high-capacity machinery. The most suitable device for this type of surface is our radio-controlled model HTC 950 RX. Our larger model, HTC 1500IXT, is a highly effective and time-saving alternative to our radio-controlled models. Together with effective suction equipment, the ground-off material is dealt with in an environmentally friendly way.
Experience clearly shows that grinding bridge surfaces is the gentlest and most environmentally friendly way to produce the right surface structure. Equipment can be rented or bought, or there are many contractors who carry out this type of assignment if required.

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