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Mist Cooler System - Up to 100% increased cutting rate

Mist Cooler System

The patent pending MCS™ (Mist Cooler System) increases the grinding efficiency and the cutting rate increases up to 100%. The unique system consists among other details of a pump and a nozzle. The nozzle sprays a superfine mist of water at the concrete surface. This chills the diamond tools and it’s easier to grind hard concrete and avoiding “glazing”.

Benefits with MCS™:
  • The cutting rate increases up to 100%
  • Minimized risk of glazing
  • The tools get more efficient
  • The tooling choice is less critical

MCS™ is standard on all HTC 1500 ixT & HTC 950 RX

The new MCS™ on HTC DURATIQ gives:
  • 27% increased efficiency compared to the previous version
  • Broader mist spray with new angle
  • On/off via remote control and control panel
  • New easily accessible nozzle
  • New auto-dearating pump
  • Three different water flows



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