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Dust extractors

Dust extractors – dust collection

Everyone looks for ways to improve their business and make it more profitable. But a chain is never stronger than its weakest link. The core focus for HTC is to keep developing the ultimate flooring system. We believe in a system where all parts are made to match, all the way from the tools to the grinder and finally, the dust extractor.

For efficient dust collection a competent dust extractor is required. HTC’s dust extractors comes in several sizes, ranging from the handy HTC GL 25 D to the powerful, remote controlled HTC 80 iD. Dust collection is a crucial part of the grinding process, from the health point-of-view but also to prevent surrounding areas being filled with dust.

  • HTC 80 iD II

    Take control
    The HTC 80 iD II is equipped with a high performance integrated pre-separator that removes up to 95% of the dust and increase filter lifetime

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  • HTC D60

    An automatic and remotely connected dust extractor
    The HTC D60 has been specifically designed for floor grinding and to work most efficiently with our DURATIQ grinders.

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  • HTC D30

    A very powerful dust extractor
    The HTC D30 is a very powerful, single-phase dust extractor with three large vacuum motors.

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  • HTC D20

    A powerful dust extractor
    HTC D20 recommended for HTC 280 and HTC 450. With two HEPA H13 filters, it can handle the finest concrete dust.

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  • HTC D10

    A light dust extractor
    The HTC D10 is a light and versatile dust extractor, best suited for handheld grinders and general clean-up.

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  • HTC PS30

    A robust pre-separator
    The HTC PS30 is a robust pre-separator that separates the larger particles that can occur during floor stripping, for example.

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