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Ultra-compact DURATIQ™ technology

The DURATIQ 5 is the smallest machine in the DURATIQ series. The DURATIQ 5 is an ultra-compact and powerful grinder for all types of grinding jobs in various types of environments, and is available in either a 2.2 kW or 4.0 kW version.

Just as with the large models, the machine is equipped with an intuitive digital control panel that provides all the control and precision you need to maximize machine performance. The dust-proof design of the grinding head and electrical enclosure, along with the precision of the heavy duty components, provides high reliability and increased grinding precision. The chassis can be easily separated from the grinding head and weights dismounted prior to transport.

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  • One size. Two variants

    1. Choose basic model 
    2. Choose optional function
    3. Choose accessories


    DURATIQ 5 brings together HTC's extensive experiences with a completely new approach to all components.

  • DURATIQ 5 sliphuvud
    Grinding head

    The actual heart of the DURATIQ 5, the grinding head, is based on the same innovative technology as the larger models 6 and 8. The dust-proof design and precision of the heavy duty components provide high reliability and increased precision for grinding results.

  • Intuitiv und smart
    Intuitive and smart

    Just as the larger models (6 & 8), the HTC DURATIQ 5 is equipped with an intuitive digital control panel (or HMI as we call it, for Human/Machine Interface). It’ll give you all the control and precision you’ll ever need to maximize grinder performance.

  • Mist Cooler System

    • Wide water jet with optimized angle
    • On/off via control panel
    • Three different water flows
    • Easily accessible nozzle
    • Auto-venting pump

  • Removable weights, 2x20 kg

    Ergonomically designed weights are easy to lift on and off. Large handles make them easy to handle. Stable on flat surfaces.

  • Modular

    The chassis is easily separated from the grinding head prior to transport. Quick coupling for motor cable.

Technical Data

Length1000 mm1000 mm
Width569 mm569 mm
Height720 mm720 mm
Weight122 kg179 kg
Motor output2,2 kW4,0 kW
Power consumption13 A30 / 16 / 10 A
Voltage1 x 200-240 V1 x 200-240 V
3 x 200-240 V
3 x 380-410 V
3 x 440-480 V
Grinding pressure70 (80 - 108) kg78 - 88 - 119 kg
Revolution speed360-1200 rpm360-1200 rpm
Grinding discs3 x 230 mm3 x 230 mm
Grinding head weight72 kg82 kg
Grinding width515 mm515 mm
Grinding motors11
Water tank2,9 l2,9 l
Mist Cooler SystemYesYes



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