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BT Products

Square kilometres of HTC Superfloor™

Case story - HTC Superfloor™

More than 40 000 square feet HTC Superfloor™ embellishes BT Products in Mjölby, Sweden.

- We have found the optimal floor for our needs!
This is said by Christer Lind, construction manager at BT Products in Mjölby.

At first they were sceptical at BT.
- The floor is very shiny, and that made us suspect that the floor would also be slippery. We were worried that the braking distance would be longer at a HTC Superfloor™ than for other types of floors, says Christer Lind.
The floor was carefully evaluated, and it was found that the braking distance was equally good as at a raw concrete floor.
- That settled the matter!

HTC Superfloor™ as far as the eye can reach

The Swedish company Golvteknik started with grinding the surfaces used by trucks. They then continued with surfaces for welding, and thereafter surfaces for assembly and the office was grinded. HTC Superfloor™ was chosen in the office mostly for practical reasons.
- We simply didn’t have the time to wait for the concrete to get ready for a covering. Instead we pigmented the concrete, and now we have an aesthetically appealing, ochre coloured floor at the office, says Christer Lind.

Easily cleaned and aesthetically appealing

BT has several years of experience of HTC Superfloor™, and they have found that it is a durable floor that puts up very good against stress from industrial trucks and the like. Earlier the floors at BT were covered with thermosetting plastic, where tire marks soon got stuck – a HTC Superfloor™ gathers no such stains. The floor is completely even, which makes it very easy to clean. Every night the floors at BT are cleaned with auto scrubber and stone soap. Easy and fast, and making the working environment much better for the cleaners.
- Not only is the cleaning simplified, it is also cheaper, says Roine Johansson at Golvteknik. The costs for cleaning are noticeably lower, and the floor demands minimal amounts of maintenance.

Kent Fridlund, responsible for the cleaning at BT, agrees.
- The floor is very easy to clean! We are often being highly commended from visitors that are impressed by the floor.
The beautiful floors are representative, and are shown to both customers and visitors.
- It is a part of the quality awareness, says Christer Lind. Our visitors notice the shiny floor immediately, and in a way it is a proof of our quality-mindedness.

Not only visitors appreciate the floor, the employees are satisfied with HTC Superfloor™ as well.
- It goes without saying that a floor can affect the working environment. A beautiful, shiny floor puts people in a good humour, says Christer Lind.

Square kilometres of HTC Superfloor™

Golvteknik have several years of experience of HTC Superfloor™ grinding. In 1996-97 the company was asked to fine grind a concrete floor. At that time, fine grinded concrete wasn’t the same as it is today. A fine grinded concrete floor had a fine surface, but was dull and not shiny at all.
- They asked if we could make the floor more shiny, and started to think about the idea with high gloss polished floors, says Roine Johansson. About that time we also got the commission to grind the surfaces used by trucks at BT, and ever since we have continued the course we entered upon.
Till today Golvteknik have grinded several square kilometres HTC Superfloor™.

An economical choice

- The advantages with HTC Superfloor™ are many, but the most important are the economical aspects, says Roine Johansson.
Even if the initial cost is somewhat higher, the floor has a low maintenance cost and is very durable. Since the floor is completely even, it is very good for truck traffic. With an HTC Superfloor™ the trucks aren’t worn out as fast, it’s as simple as that.
- At BT they sometimes say, as a joke, that they could take a doctor’s degree in floors. They have evaluated all kinds of floors, and HTC Superfloor™ is their first choice!



  • The basic concept of HTC Superfloor™

    The basic concept of HTC Superfloor™ The basic concept of HTC Superfloor™

    An HTC Superfloor™ is a polished concrete floor done with HTC equipment. This movie shows you how a basic concrete surface becomes a stunning HTC Superfloor™.

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