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Conjet AB

"...a clean, smooth and low maintenance glossy floor..."

HTC Superfloor™ the natural choice for the concrete specialists Conjet

The Swedish company Conjet AB, based in Haninge, about 20km south of   Stockholm is a world leader specialising in the manufacture of remotely operated high-pressure water jetting hydro demolition machines. These are used in conjunction with concrete repairs to remove concrete from sensitive structures, such as bridges, parking decks, dams, and tunnels.

In direct response to the continuing and growing worldwide demand for Conjet AB products and services, the company is currently extending its equipment assembly building to cope with the increasing business. The new extensions will more than double the assembly area and house a much larger parts stock holding section.

Experts in concrete technology

Conjet AB are experts in concrete technology and their natural choice for the building’s new concrete floor was the HTC Superfloor™. 

“We know HTC and its founder Håkan Thysell from the many exhibitions we have attended together on neighbouring stands,” says Conjet sales and marketing vice president Lars- Göran Nilsson. “We have chosen HTC Superfloor™ because we wanted a clean, smooth and low maintenance glossy floor in our new assembly hall, as we do not like painted floors as paint flakes off.”

Conjet contacted HTC during the planning stage for the new building and they selected to work with contractor Svensk Golvkonsult AB, a certified HTC Superfloor™ grinder. SGK was involved right from the start of the project and has placed the concrete and ground the floor to provide the HTC Superfloor™ finish required. 

“To get the right aesthetic finish it was important to show the ballast in the concrete and we have achieved that with the HTC Superfloor™ produced by our contractor SGK,” adds Conjet president Carl Strömdahl.

(Editor's note. The new building is now finished which you can see in the picture.)



  • The basic concept of HTC Superfloor™

    The basic concept of HTC Superfloor™ The basic concept of HTC Superfloor™

    An HTC Superfloor™ is a polished concrete floor done with HTC equipment. This movie shows you how a basic concrete surface becomes a stunning HTC Superfloor™.

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