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Case Study, Hitachi Automotive Products (USA), Inc.

“We give tours every other week to customers such as GM and Nissan, and the owners are very proud of the parts of our facility where we have HTC Superfloor™  such as our tool & dye shop and our assembly lines.” – John Shewmaker.

Originally, the Hitachi facility floors, 368,000 square feet, were covered in a gray epoxy coating which made the environment seem dark and gloomy. When the coatings would scar and begin to peel after a few years, the company’s continuous improvement group would hire someone to remove the coatings and then they would reapply them. Which equipment sparked their interest?

The HTC 800 HD, which they saw made the coatings removal process much easier. The company originally purchased the equipment just to remove coatings throughout their facility once it was time to redo them thinking that they would only use it when necessary. When they purchased the machine and came in for training, they were shown what the HTC Superfloor™ process could do for a floor, and immediately wanted to do a sample for their owners. 

The owners, who wanted the facility to be aesthetically pleasing, agreed and the Continuous Improvement Group went to work. Two men, Eric Stratton and Keith Smith, are responsible for stripping the coatings and polishing the floors during plant shutdowns. Now, instead of only recovering the floors when the coatings are not looking good, the two men are working hard to replace all of their floors with HTC Superfloor™ polished concrete. As time permits, the two men will complete the HTC Superfloor™ polished concrete process through their entire plant.

“A lot of people want to know what we put on our floors to make them look so good and we have to show them the process we use.” – Eric Stratton.

HTC Superfloor™ - Beautiful and Easily maintained

“It is a lot of work to apply coatings to our floors and they have to be reapplied every 3-4 years. One and half years ago, we did the best coatings on one of our floors that we have ever done, and it already looks scarred and will need to be replaced soon. With the HTC Superfloor™, we are restoring and not recovering. It doesn’t scratch and we love the maintenance since all we have to do is use a wet mop. It is 10x better than the coatings. There is just no comparison. The floor is shiny and the lighting in the room has improved overall.” – John Shewmaker.

HTC Superfloor™ Approved Equipment

What does Eric Stratton and Keith Smith love most about the process?

“We have quality products that cannot be subjected to dirt and dust.  Before when the coatings were being removed, there was so much dust that we had to not only cover our equipment and products, but we would have to try and shield our work area to protect our products. With the HTC vacuum system, there is very rarely any dust and we don’t have to wear masks. Sure we hang plastic to separate our work area from our products, but it is nothing like it was before. The HTC equipment is very easy to use. We used the HTC flex plates and the new tooling which made a big difference and was much better.”



  • The basic concept of HTC Superfloor™

    The basic concept of HTC Superfloor™ The basic concept of HTC Superfloor™

    An HTC Superfloor™ is a polished concrete floor done with HTC equipment. This movie shows you how a basic concrete surface becomes a stunning HTC Superfloor™.

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