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Kennel Gotland, Sweden

Praised dogs select winning floor

HTC Superfloor™ was easy to implement when casting a new concrete slab to the house.

Johan Rosengren and Annalena Almgren live together with their ten full-grown Greyhounds in the little resort Ljugarn, situated on the eastern side of Gotland. Every year they breed a litter of eight to ten puppies, and 60% of the dogs are sold for export. Some of the countries they have exported to are England, Brazil, Norway, USA, and also as far as Australia.

The company, Epic Greyhounds, is managing from Johan and Annalena´s home on 260 square meters and they started in the year 1999. A common thing for the couple is to travel around and participate in different dog exhibitions. Between the years 2003-2011, and also 2013, they have won prizes for being the number one breeder in Sweden.

As the dogs are moving freely through the whole house it is very important that the floor is durable and easy to keep clean. Especially in the areas where the feeding is, and also when the dogs have had muddy walks and enter the house. This is one thing that Johan and Annalena have thought about and therefore they chose a HTC Superfloor™.

In connection with the casting of the concrete slab in 2008, Johan and Annalena chose to take some help from Städspecialisten, when grinding the HTC Superfloor™. The grinding was made before the standing of the walls of the house, which minimize the time-consuming work with edge grinding. Johan says that; “It was very convenient to have a flat floor that is easy to keep clean and dust free during the construction”.

The floor solution has helped to keep the place clean, they also avoid joints, it is neat, modern and the wear of the floor is reduced. As a last question, we ask if they can consider recommending the floor solution to people they know, and they already do that.



  • The basic concept of HTC Superfloor™

    The basic concept of HTC Superfloor™ The basic concept of HTC Superfloor™

    An HTC Superfloor™ is a polished concrete floor done with HTC equipment. This movie shows you how a basic concrete surface becomes a stunning HTC Superfloor™.


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