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Väderstad – Intense expansion requires strong floors

The company Väderstad-Verken AB in Sweden is a true success story. With a strong desire to improve everyday work for farmers, and with a clear focus in its innovations on customer values, this small family business has gained a leading position in the world market for agricultural machinery.

Väderstad-Verken has truly been a fast growing company. The company celebrates its 50th anniversary this year (2012) and barely has the inauguration of the 4500 sq.m. new production facility ended when construction of the next facility, which will be finished in October already, started. This building, a 2280 sq.m. warehouse for spare parts, will serve the ever-growing market in agriculture.

So, what is required of the floor for an industrial company of this caliber?

- The floors must be easy to clean and to maintain, says Bo Engholm who is the facility manager at Väderstad-Verken.
– The premises have been in this location since 1972 and in the beginning we used other floor solutions, which required more maintenance. But since 10 years we only install HTC Superfloor™. It’s a concrete floor grinded with a 7-step process. We choose this solution for all our projects where we build a new facility, or when we renovate old premises, says Bo.
- One example is at an acquired subcontractor. There we will replace the entire concrete floor and instead grind the floor according to the HTC method. Bo estimates that only at the facilities in the town of Väderstad, approximately 20,000 sq.m. HTC Superfloor™ have been made.
- In addition to the shiny and flat floors we develop a friendly environment in the factory premises, and of course reduce the vibrations which the forklifts otherwise experience on an uneven floor, continues Bo.

Builds new facility in Lithuania

Väderstad-Verken, with 12 subsidiaries and coworkers in 12 countries, obviously has floor surfaces of interest also abroad. Bengt Gustavsson, who is responsible for the buildings and also which flooring solutions to chose, says:
- I know everything about the seven steps of grinding and what they can achieve. Since the first time that I saw a grinded floor, which resembles a hockey rink with a just resurfaced ice, I always try to implement this flooring solution when we build new facilities.

Bengt says that right now they are casting the floor in their new premises in Lithuania, which they later will grind into an HTC Superfloor™.

– What’s a great advantage with the floor is that if it would be damaged for some reason you can easily repair the floor by re-grinding it, Bengt continue.

Certified contractors ensures great results

HTC certifies grinding contractors worldwide in the processes of HTC Superfloor™ to assure that the quality of all HTC Superfloor™ that are made are kept high. This, so the customers can feel comfortable with their choice and to ensure that the quality of the floors represent the high standard of the brand.

Betongteknik AB from Vikingstad in Sweden is a certified company who has been trusted to grind the floors at Väderstad-Verken. At the time of this article they are just about to start an additional 7000 sq.m. project in the facility.

- We are really happy that Väderstad-Verken has chosen the 7-step HTC Superfloor™ process. This gives them the very best treatment for their floors, says Jim Jacobsson from Betongteknik.
– But it’s important that the flooring contractor knows which diamond tools are most suitable for the type of quality of the concrete floor that will be grinded.

One of the mottos for Väderstad-Verken, which originates from the company’s founder Rune Stark, is “make it to last”. We can see that even when it comes to flooring solutions they have had this in mind. And the floor is also guaranteed to last for a great portion of dancing, something the staff has experienced during the festive inauguration.

Properly cared for, the floors will shine also at Väderstad-Verken’s next 50th anniversary!

Quick facts about Väderstad-Verken
  • Manufacturer of machines for agriculture
  • Celebrates 50 year as a company this year (2012)
  • 900 employees including 700 in Väderstad
  • 12 subsidiaries worldwide
  • Turnover 2011: 1,7 billion
  • Facility in Väderstad: Approximately 50,000 sq.m.
  • Square meter of HTC Superfloor™: Approximately 20,000 sq.m.


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