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Cramo invest in floor grinding

Cramo has invested in 75 floor grinders from HTC Sweden AB. The agreement also includes training of Cramo staff in Sweden...


Cramo has invested in 75 floor grinders from HTC Sweden AB. The agreement also includes training of Cramo staff in Sweden, and the establishment of consignment stock with diamond tools in some Cramo depots in Stockholm.

Henrik Pettersson, Business Unit Manager at HTC states: “It is obviously great that we have continued confidence to deliver more grinders to Cramo. Cramo is the largest machine rental company in Sweden’s, and thus one of our key customers.”

“The demand for grinding machines is vast at the depots and HTC is a supplier that meets our quality requirements. With this agreement, we think that Cramo clearly shows that floor grinding is an important market that we continue to invest in”, says Anders Barchéus, Product Manager at Cramo.

To assist Cramo in helping their customers getting the most out of the many advantages with HTC’s versatile grinders HTC will also organize training courses for Cramo staff.

In addition, HTC now also open consignment stock with diamond tools in several Cramo depots in Stockholm. The idea is that all users of HTC’s grinding machines will have quick access to HTC’s most common diamond segments all the time, in case they run out. Especially interesting is the Cramo depot on Kungsholmen in Stockholm, which is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Since many grinding jobs are done at night and on weekends, HTC’s diamond tools will always be available in the Stockholm area.

Cramo and HTC

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