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PRESS RELEASE: New advanced edge grinder from HTC

The new edge grinder HTC 270 EG, a real breakthrough in the field of edge grinding, is available from May 1, 2011.


The new edge grinder HTC 270 EG, a real breakthrough in the field of edge grinding, is available from May 1, 2011.

Everyone with any type of experience in floor grinding knows that edge grinding can be a very time consuming task. Ergonomics and edge grinding is also something that has never really gone hand in hand. This is why HTC has developed this new and unique edge grinder, HTC 270 EG, which will be available globally from May 1.

The core focus in HTC’s product development has always been ergonomics, economy and ecology and HTC 270 EG is no exception. The machine is advanced, yet simple to use and many different options in configuration enables a more controlled and ergonomic edge grinding than ever before.

Easy to grind under shelves and radiators

The unique design of the grinding head, which measures only 100 mm in height with EZchange™ tools attached, ensures that the operator can grind below shelves and radiators. The machine reaches as far in as 260 mm.

Grind all the way up to the wall

The combination of HTC’s EZchange™ tools and the special opening in the grinding cover allows the operator to grind all the way up to the wall without any need for extra touch-up work afterwards.

Adjustable grinding head

The ability to adjust the grinding head in both X- and Y-axis provide conditions for a perfect result when grinding. Furthermore, all settings are easily performed without any need for special tools.

Great ergonomic improvements

With HTC 270 EG the operator walks behind the machine during the complete grinding sequence. The machine handle can also be set to many different positions, which ensures that any operator, no matter how tall, will have a comfortable working position.

Many more benefits

In addition to the features mentioned above, the HTC 270 EG can be disassembled for easy transportation, it is equipped with HTC’s much appreciated floating cover for a better dust collection and the EZchange™ system which gives access to HTC’s complete tooling range.

For more information about HTC 270 EG, click here.
HTC 270 EG


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