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PRESS RELEASE: The popular HTC Greyline™ series gets new additions

It’s time to crank up the power of the HTC Greyline™ series.


It’s time to crank up the power of the HTC Greyline™ series. At the time of the launch in 2010 the series included four grinding machines and two dust extractors and it’s now time to add two new powerful HD versions of GL 270 and GL 450 plus a new effective pre-separator to the series.

HTC GL PS - A Greyline™ addition that will save money

Can a pre-separator save your money? Yes, it definitely can!
A dust extractor (collector) is designed to collect dust, not heavy chips, bits of metal, screws and other things that might come in the way on a construction site. Also when removing thick coverings with a grinding machine, large amount of material needs to be transported from the floor to a waste bag in the dust extractor. These large particles are harmful to the dust extractor’s filters and preferably they should be eliminated before reaching the dust extractor.

With a GL PS pre-separator attached between the grinding machine and the dust extractor you can collect these large particles before they reach the dust extractor. This will increase the dust extractor’s overall capacity and it will significantly extend the life of your filters.

The new GL PS is not just another ”trash-can” separator. This special unit (which is also integrated in the HTC 80 iD) is thoroughly tested and designed for the most optimal airflow to separate large particles in the airflow. Also, the ”by-pass” valve makes continuous operation possible. The operator can change the dust bag in the pre-separator without turning off the dust extractor and therefore save valuable time.

The Longopac system that is standard on the GL PS also makes the handling of dust very convenient. Other features are adjustable height for easy transportation, antistatic hoses with camlock system and large rubber wheels.

HTC Greyline™ HD models - Increased power

Many of our Greyline™ customers are faced with different challenges daily. Sometimes single-phase machines are the only option available. Other times more power is needed. Maybe a thick floor covering needs a more powerful machine to do the job. To meet this demand we are pleased to add two new HD (heavy-duty) models to the Greyline™ series, which are more powerful than their standard models. The perfect machines when extra efficiency is needed.

HTC GL 270 HD is a single headed machine with a strong 2,2 kW motor. It has a grinding width of 270 mm and the weight is 53 kg.

The three-headed, planetary HTC GL 450 HD also have 2,2 kW motor. It has a grinding width of 450 mm and a total weight of 95 kg.

Both machines separate for easy transport. 

Big Wednesday no 4 



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    Big Wednesday 4 video

    Big Wednesday 4 video Big Wednesday 4 video

    The pre-separator HTC GL PS was launched during Big Wednesday no 4.