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Successful launch of new Greyline series

Recently the new machine series, Greyline was launched at Bauma in Munich.


HTC Greyline 

Recently the new machine series HTC Greyline™ was launched at Bauma in Munich. The new series targets a different market than the current machine series produced by HTC which mainly focus on professional users. This new series fits customers who need a machine to use less frequently as well as rental companies that demand a more simplified machine.

Richard Larsson, sales manager hardware reveals that it is an extremely successful launch.

“Our forecasts were set rather high before the launch but directly after we showed the concept we had to adjust them twice due to high demands during the Bauma week. Now when we are about to start shipping the machines we need to adjust them again as we received more orders than we had expected. This will increase the delivery time and it will be longer than what both we and our customers are normally used to.”

The HTC Greyline™ series will begin to be delivered on Monday the 17th of May. The current delivery time could be up to 5 weeks on certain models. Other products will not be affected by the Greyline launch and the normally short delivery times of 1-2 days will be maintained on standard machine models.