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The new website for HTC is here

The official new website for HTC was launched today.


The official new website for HTC was launched today.

February 12, 2009, the new website for HTC Group was launched. All our offices, in Sweden, Germany, UK, France and USA are now gathered in one place. That place is www.htc-floorsystems.com. We hope you will all find our new website easy and interesting to use and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a suggestion of any kind or if you have a complaint.

This new website will be upgraded in different steps. In this first step we have gathered all the information about HTC and our products in one, more user friendly and interesting, place.

In the following steps more and deeper information will be added to the website. We will also implement more animations and interactivity, like Flash and Silverlight and shortly, multiple languages.

Thank you for visiting the HTC website and we hope to see you here again shortly.

The old Swedish website (in Swedish) is still available at www.htc-sweden.com/sv.

New website for HTC