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Twister™ revolutionizes hospital cleaning

Major hospital chooses chemical free cleaning with Twister™ after striking results in new report.


Major hospital chooses chemical free cleaning with Twister™ after striking results in new report.

An evaluation carried out by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute at Danderyd Hospital clearly demonstrates the enormous benefits with the cleaning method Twister™ compared with other cleaning methods. In the report from February 2010, where Twister™ was compared with the existing cleaning method at the hospital, it was established among other things that floors cleaned with Twister™ had a much lower bacterial content, they retained the cleanliness for a much longer time and they had less friction during mopping compared to floors cleaned with the existing method. The result was striking and clearly shows that by using Twister™, the hospital environment can be substantially improved. Something that Ingrid Karlsson, Cleaning Manager at Sahlgrenska Hospital quickly realized and that is why Twister™ currently is being implemented at Sahlgrenska.

During the period November 23, 2009 to February 5, 2010 IVL performed a major evaluation of Danderyd Hospital’s existing cleaning method. The existing cleaning method consisted of a red 3M pad and cleaning chemicals and it was compared with Twister™, the cleaning method that uses only water. IVL evaluated how cleanliness and bacteria/microorganism on floors, dust levels in the air and the workload is affected by a change of cleaning method.

Three applications

The cleaning methods were compared in three different applications:

  • Daily machine cleaning
  • Machine cleaning 1-2 times per week and daily mopping
  • Daily mopping


Substantial reduction of bacteria of the floor

In all cases, significantly lower levels of bacteria was measured on the floors cleaned with Twister™ compared with those cleaned using the existing cleaning method. It was also clear that Twister™ maintained the cleanliness of the floor and the same low levels of bacteria through daily cleaning, while the same values for the existing cleaning method steadily became worse despite daily cleaning. This means that regular and costly upgrades are required with the existing cleaning method, something that can be completely eliminated when cleaning with Twister™.

Water instead of chemicals

Another conclusion was that the existing method used a large amount of chemicals, while Twister™ completely eliminated the need for chemicals.

Improved working environment for the janitor

The evaluation also found that the friction level on a floor cleaned with Twister™ is lower during dry mopping with microfiber than what it is with the existing method, which means a better working environment for the janitor. Moreover, the deep cleaning process of a floor was significantly faster with Twister™ compared to the existing method, while dust levels after cleaning with the two methods were more or less the same.

Twister™ at Sahlgrenska University Hospital

A hospital that because of this report is implementing Twister™ is the Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg. Ingrid Karlsson, Cleaning Manager at the hospital considers the report to be extremely interesting and is really looking forward to start implementing Twister™. The staff is about to undergo training in the Twister™ system to ensure they will get the best results and following that they will begin to clean with Twister™.

”In mid-June a test was performed with Twister™ in one of the day rooms at Sahlgrenska and even thou they have not continued to clean with Twister™ since then in that area you can still see that it looks much better compared to the other areas,” says Ingrid.

The hospital is currently undergoing an extensive renovation and when the new entrance is finished in the end of October that area and two other floors at the hospital will be cleaned with Twister™.

”The main advantage with Twister™ is that you don’t have to deal with any chemicals,” continues Ingrid. “That you also, after a first upgrade, only need to use one pad when cleaning is another great advantage. It’s nice not having to think about which pad to use. The workload will also drop for the staff since with the Twister™ it is sufficient to dry mop during daily cleaning as opposed to before when you had to wet mop.”

”I am really looking forward to get started with Twister™,” concludes Ingrid.

Download the complete report here.