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Väderstad – Intense expansion requires strong floors

The company Väderstad-Verken AB in Sweden recently opened its latest 4500 sq.m. production facility. As always, they went for the flooring solution HTC Superfloor™. Facility manager Bo Engholm tells why.


The company Väderstad-Verken AB in Sweden is a true success story. With a strong desire to improve everyday work for farmers, and with a clear focus in its innovations on customer values, this small family business has gained a leading position in the world market for agricultural machinery.

Väderstad-Verken has truly been a fast growing company. The company celebrates its 50th anniversary this year (2012) and barely has the inauguration of the 4500 sq.m. new production facility ended when construction of the next facility, which will be finished in October already, started. This building, a 2280 sq.m. warehouse for spare parts, will serve the ever-growing market in agriculture.

So, what is required of the floor for an industrial company of this caliber?

- The floors must be easy to clean and to maintain, says Bo Engholm who is the facility manager at Väderstad-Verken.
– The premises have been in this location since 1972 and in the beginning we used other floor solutions, which required more maintenance. But since 10 years we only install HTC Superfloor™. It’s a concrete floor grinded with a 7-step process. We choose this solution for all our projects where we build a new facility, or when we renovate old premises, says Bo.
- One example is at an acquired subcontractor. There we will replace the entire concrete floor and instead grind the floor according to the HTC method. Bo estimates that only at the facilities in the town of Väderstad, approximately 20,000 sq.m. HTC Superfloor™ have been made.
- In addition to the shiny and flat floors we develop a friendly environment in the factory premises, and of course reduce the vibrations which the forklifts otherwise experience on an uneven floor, continues Bo.

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