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What Went Down at the Rodeo?

HTC attended the 2nd Annual Concrete Polishing Rodeo held in fabulous Las Vegas. The show was held the weekend before the World of Concrete tradeshow offsite.


HTC attended the 2nd Annual Concrete Polishing Rodeo held in fabulous Las Vegas. The show was held the weekend before the World of Concrete tradeshow offsite. There were a number of manufactures in attendance trying to prove their worth.  

There were nine overall categories to compete in which HTC only was eligible for seven. Out of these seven categories, HTC won four of them which includes, Best Edger won with the HTC 270 EG, The Most Innovated Product Award with the HTC 270 EG, The Vacuum Trial with the new HTC 80 iD, and the Bonus Round Belt Changing Challenge. The companies that were in attendance were HTC, Husqvarna, Lavina/Superabrasives, CPS (Concrete Polishing Solutions), Terrco, and Ermator.  Terrco showed up on the first day then decided to bow out of the competition for a reason unknown?  Werkmaster did not compete this year, which no one really knew why, as they spent a great deal of time and energy telling everyone that HTC backed out of the competition last year because they were at the 1st Concrete Polishing Rodeo.

Vacuum Trail

The object of the Vacuum Trial was to see which manufacturer could empty a 55 gallon drum of Portland cement dust and bag all the dust in manageable size bags the fastest and cleanest.  HTC, Ermator, and CPS were the only manufacturers that participated in this competition.  HTC and Ermator were using electric 480 volt power and CPS used their new propane powered vacuum.  With Kåre manning the hose and the rest of us bagging the dust we had a stellar team.  The judges did a water lift meter test and a CFM test.  Ermator had the highest CFM with their 12,600 monster vacuum and HTC took top dog on the water lift meter by literally pegging the meter past its max 150 inch pounds of lift. That really surprised everyone showing that CFM is not everything to talk about when it comes to vacuums. Team HTC finished in 2:46 with Ermator coming in second a little more than a minute after us, and CPS bringing up the rear about a minute after Ermator. Not only was our vacuum superior but the bypass valve allowed us to bag the dust efficiently and without shutting the vacuum down at all.  When the competition was over they did CFM and water lift tests again and we only dropped a few points on the CFM and still maxed out the water lift meter.

Best Edger

Going in to The Best Edger competition we were fairly confident as we had a full year of testing and training customers on jobsites with the new HTC 270 EG.  Most of the industry had either seen the HTC 270 EG in action last year at some point or heard how awesome this thing was.  So the only company who entered their edger was Lavina/Superabrasives.  This was not a timed event like all the others but it did seem like we both wanted to finish first to prove a point.  Their edger was 110 volt and it was easy to plug it in and get up and running quickly.  We had options as far as power goes but the generator was not in place for us to plug in and get stared.  So, we waited around for what felt like forever and luckily after about five minutes had passed and we were ready to get started.  As we started using the HTC 270 EG all the judges, which are contractors by the way, seemed to gravitate over to our section to watch us.  Even a few Lavina guys came to watch and see what all the talk was about.  In no time at all, we had not only finished our edge and blended it in beautifully to our main floor area but we then proceeded to start another edge which had a very bad uneven downhill slop. We wanted to show just how versatility the HTC 270 EG is.  I noticed when I got started on our second edge that Lavina was packing up their edger and did not even bother finishing the last few grits to blend their edge in.  The guys at Lavina very gentlemanly came over and congratulated us on the win for the edger while I was working on the second edge.

Most Innovative Product

When all the judges got their turn to run the HTC 270 EG stand up edger, it was evident that everyone was impressed with it.  “Finally a stand up edger that works”, was the response we kept getting from the contractors’ testing. With the HTC 270 EG we knew we had something special, however it was a pleasant surprise when we heard that we won the Most Innovative Product award.

The Bonus Round Belt Changing Challenge

The Belt Change Bonus Round was a chance to clear the air with the stigmatism our competitors created over the year about HTC belts breaking all the time and being very difficult and time consuming to change.  The goal set by the judges was to change the upper belt in less than 2 hours.  Mind you, this was the first time we tore apart a HTC 800 RX, so we knew we would not be as fast changing the belt as we would on our more popular production models.  Given the HTC 800 RX is not that different from the HTC 800 HDX, but we weren’t certain going into it.  So, we took the challenge and 30 minutes later the belt was changed and ready to start grinding with the HTC 800 RX again. It was interesting to see the reaction of some of the contractors standing around watching this event.  They really did not expect us to get it done in less than 2 hours, and when we completed it in 30 minutes they were all shocked.  Multiple contractors who do not own HTC equipment all came to us and said they had always heard it takes way too long to change a belt on an HTC machine.  So the Belt Change Bonus Round seemed a little goofy and like a waste of time at first to all of us, but it turned out to be very beneficial.

All in all the Concrete Polishing Rodeo was a good move for HTC to participate in.  We learned a few things about our competitors; we were given the opportunity to prove ourselves in certain categories.  This was our first year to compete in the Rodeo, now that we know how to play the game I feel we will do even better next year if HTC decides to participate again.

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