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HTC Ravager

Create a bush hammered surface


HTC Ravager bush hammering tool 

Create a bush hammered surface, expose large aggregat or remove tough coatings.

The HTC Ravager creates a bush hammered profile perfect for high traction exterior surfaces. It has an extremely high stock removal capacity and can remove rigid or brittle coatings up to 10mm in thickness. You can also use these tools to repair a failing cap on concrete or a slab that has been exposed to rain. HTC Ravager™ tools can also achieve a standard surface preparation profile equivalent to International Concrete Repair Institute’s (I.C.R.I.) Concrete Surface Profile (C.S.P.) standard of 6-7 using your HTC grinder.

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✔ Improved with more robust mounting blocks which results in longer life of the rollers.
✔ Two new 270 mm versions with three or six rollers. Also a new 230 mm version with three rollers.

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