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HTC Ravager™ Series - USA Press Release

Expose large aggregate and remove thick coatings in only one pass! (Available in North America only at this time)


The HTC Ravager™ is grinding tool with an extremely high stock removal capacity. The HTC Ravager™ is available in 11”, 9”, 7” and a 6” hand grinding tool that fits HTC grinding machines and hand grinders.

There are many tough applications for the HTC Ravager™ including exposing large aggregates in as little as one pass, removing rigid or brittle coatings. It can even grind through 3/8” thick overlays with ease.

“Grinding deep into concrete and exposing aggregate is less time consuming and easier than ever using HTC Ravager tools. Even older techniques such as shotblasting and scarifying don’t have a leg to stand on now that planetary grinding with HTC Ravager tools can achieve rougher Concrete Surface Profiles”, says Matt Herz, Sales Representative for the Pacific Northwest and Canada at HTC, Inc.

Floor grinding equipment now has a new use, to save time and increase efficiency.

The HTC Ravager™ tools and spare parts are in stock in the and HTC is ready to take orders!

The HTC Ravager™ tools are only available in the North America at this time.