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Make Floor Prep easy and make more money with the HTC Superprep™ method

-By Brad Burns Tehcnical Director for HTC


  HTC Superprep

I have spent the majority of my career as a flooring contractor.  If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years about installations it would be that proper preparation is a MUST.

With that statement, preparation could have different implications. 

  • First, I would need to be mentally prepared.  I don’t necessarily mean that I would have to be in a good mood (or several cups of Starbucks) to complete the install – but I should have scheduled the project in such a fashion to not be stressed out about it. 
  • Second, I need to have all equipment ready. Too many times I have seen projects timelines change, and people are ill prepared.  The scramble begins, and so do the mistakes - where do we get the materials on short notice?  How can we pull labor from another project to cover this one?  What equipment can we spare from other projects to use on this one?  All of the work trucks are needed at other projects, so we will have to use (insert salesman or owner’s name here!) personal vehicle to cover this one time?  We’ve all been there. I’m sure you can relate to the situation. 

Looking back, we should recognize that we could have prevented the situation.  Some of these projects can end successfully; most end in disaster costing the company revenue and reputation.  Either way, it not worth the risk and it can easily become the culture of your business.

It is very important to prep a floor prior to a floor covering or coating.  Most floor coverings are what I consider to be designed failures, there is some factor involved in the installation that will eventually cause a floor to fail.  Sheet vinyl is a good example.  Today’s versions have some outstanding aesthetics that often resemble natural stone, marble, terrazzo, and even wood.  The floors are well suited for applications such as surgical rooms where aggressive daily cleaning and hygiene are required.  However, each welded seam offers the potential of a future failure.  Once water is allowed to penetrate that seam, it begins to slowly attack the bond between the adhesive and the flooring substrate.  If the flooring contractor didn’t prep the flooring substrate properly – the failure happens quickly.  Here again, costing the flooring contractor revenue and reputation.

HTC Superprep™ is the concept of grinding to remove coatings such as epoxy, paint, glue and many others while producing the ideal surface to install the next coating on. In the past, shot blasting has been the norm for preparing a substrate for heavy duty industrial coatings.  However, testing has shown that HTC Superprep™ grinding offers less stress to the substrate than shot blasting, and can give a better, more stable bond between the substrate and the coatings.

HTC Superprep

Shot blasting a concrete substrate will not only fracture the substrate surface, it often leaves very noticeable “corn rows” that transfer to the coating or covering.  Shot blasting also leaves a very uneven depth on the surface which equates to a varying thickness of material to be applied (adhesive for floor coverings or epoxy, urethane, etc) causing headaches with estimating, planning and application. Independent test have shown that the HTC Superprep™ has a 20% increase in adhesion vs. conventional shot blasting methods.  In addition, there was a 50% savings in labor (2 passes with a grinder vs. 4 passes with a shot blaster).

If you’re a polishing contractor and don’t install floor coverings/coatings, I would suggest partnering with other floor companies that do. You help each other, the quality is better and productivity shoots up. This could be a much needed revenue resource for both parties.

HTC has developed several diamond tool series for HTC Superprep™ such as the newly redesigned and formulated T-Rex™ and the economical GL Superprep™. There is also the extremely aggressive HTC Ravager™ bush hammer tool featuring the longest life of any bush hammer tool on the market.

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