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Combine business and pleasure. Register for the HTC Academy 2016.

Education for professionals



We believe that the HTC Academy is an excellent forum to stay up-to-date and to ensure you have the knowledge about all the new floor concepts that constantly are developed. A lot is happening in the industry and there is a constant development forward. All participants are given the possibility to try out the latest floor grinding equipment available from HTC that simplifies and streamline the grinding process. At the same time you have the opportunity to do some networking with colleagues in the flooring business.

In Söderköping, Sweden we have three English and nine Swedish courses scheduled.
Download the invitation and application form here or in the menu to the right.

English HTC Academy 2016 courses in Söderköping, Sweden

• May 11-12
• Sept 28-29
• Dec 7-8

Swedish HTC Academy 2016 courses in Söderköping, Sweden

• Jan 27-28
• March 2-3
• March 30-31
• April 27-28
• May 25-26
• Aug 31- Sept 1
• Oct 5-6
• Nov 2-3
• Nov 30- Dec 1