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HTC launches DURATIQ™ 5

An Ultra-Compact Power Package



PRESS RELEASE – Söderköping, Sweden, April 11, 2018

HTC expands DURATIQ™ line with entirely new grinder

Power and versatility in a compact format – introducing the DURATIQ™ 5

HTC – innovator in floor grinding – is now adding the entirely new DURATIQ 5 to its award-winning DURATIQ line of grinders. The DURATIQ 5 has a grinding width of 515 millimeters and is available in two models – one with a motor rated at 2.2 kW (3 HP) and the other at 4.0 kW (5.3 HP). Both models have an entirely new design with the focus on ease of handling and power, which are key factors in this popular machine segment. At the same time, the DURATIQ 5 boasts features that are unique for its size. The DURATIQ 5 models will replace the ever-reliable HTC 420 and HTC 500.

Below are just some of the 75 new features on the DURATIQ 5:

  • Digital control panel that provides full control of the DURATIQ 5’s capacity and functions, unmatched by any other grinder of this size
  • New grinding head, hermetically sealed and dustproof for maximum reliability
  • Effective and energy-efficient motors for higher grinding performance
  • Modular chassis and grinding head with quick couplers for easy transport and optimal handling
  • Mist Cooler System increases productivity 78% 
  • Easy-to-handle weights enable three different grinding pressures
  • 20 different handle settings for optimal ergonomics

With its compact dimensions, the machine is suitable for both small and medium-sized surfaces. HTC’s assortment includes more than 120 compatible tools, making the DURATIQ 5 a very versatile machine. It can handle everything from grinding concrete and other rough surfaces to polishing natural stone and sanding wooden floors. The DURATIQ 5 has been developed from the ground up by HTC’s own R&D department based on the same technology as its big brothers, the DURATIQ 6 and 8. Because of the precise yet extremely robust design of every component, the service interval is an impressive 1,000 hours.

Cathérine Königk, HTC’s head of marketing, summarizes her thoughts on the launch:
- “We're happy to be able to continue the traditions from the popular HTC 420 and 500, and offer our customers a more powerful yet ergonomic machine.  Operators gain a complete overview of the machine’s capacity and functions in an entirely new way with the digital control panel. We believe this is something that will be much appreciated. We’re tremendously proud of how our R&D department has succeeded in utilizing the technology from the larger models and adapting it and the associated benefits to this compact format.”

The DURATIQ 5 will be launched worldwide on 11 April 2018.

Discover the advantages of DURATIQ grinders at www.duratiq.com

Cathérine Königk, Head of Marketing

About HTC Sweden AB
HTC Sweden AB is a rapidly expanding company founded in 1987. The company manufactures and develops products for working various types of surfaces. A patented grinding system for floors was launched in 1992 and HTC is currently an international market leader in floor grinding systems based on diamond technology and patented technical solutions. HTC has also developed unique floor solutions, including an innovative solution for polished concrete marketed under the brand name HTC Superfloor™.

  • Cathérine Königk
    Marketing Director
    HTC Sweden AB

    Cathérine Königk
    +46 121 294 00 Catherine.Konigk@husqvarnagroup.com




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