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HTC launches START & GRIND

Machines for an easy grinding experience.

Big Wednesday 2019


PRESS RELEASE - Söderköping, 23 January 2019

HTC launches a new range of machines for smaller grinding jobs.

A complete range comprising three floor grinders, three dust extractors and a pre-separator with a focus on ergonomic design and user-friendliness.

HTC – the floor grinding expert – is launching a new range of smaller floor grinders and dust extractors under the concept name of START & GRIND. Simple, robust, easy-to-operate machines. These entry-level products are especially suitable for floor preparation and can tackle anything from edge grinding to polishing medium-sized surfaces. They will be replacing the HTC Greyline™ range.

These machines have been engineered for use by anyone whose experience of floor grinding is limited but who wants to get started right away. This makes them ideal rental equipment. A special focus has been put on ease of handling and transportation as well as user safety. The grinding machines feature a folding chassis which can also be separated from the grinding head and greatly facilitates transportation. They are also fitted with floating covers for efficient dust collection and an hour counter to clock the machine’s total operating time.

All the dust extractors now not only have a HEPA H13 filter, which captures the finest dust particles, they also carry H Class certification, which is the highest international standard for testing wet and dry vacuum cleaners.

Cathérine Königk, Head of Marketing at HTC, sums up her view of the new range:

We are delighted to be able to offer our customers this new range of practical and robust entry-level machines. We want to enhance the entire floor grinding experience and that starts at the transportation stage, for example, with the separable chassis for easier loading into a regular van. It should then be simple to assemble the machines, get them going and do the job. These high-performance machines are manufactured to exacting safety standards and you can feel their quality when working with them. I’m therefore certain they’ll be greatly appreciated by our customers.

START & GRIND consists of the following models:

  • HTC 280 – agile floor grinding machine with integrated edge grinding function
  • HTC 400 – powerful floor grinding machine with a large grinding disc and high removal rate
  • HTC 450 – versatile planetary grinding machine with three counter-rotating grinding heads
  • HTC D10 – light and versatile dust extractor, best suited for handheld grinders
  • HTC D20 – powerful dust extractor recommended for HTC 280 and 450
  • HTC D30 – very powerful, single-phase dust extractor with three large vacuum motors
  • HTC PS30 – pre-separator that separates the larger particles that can occur during eg. floor stripping

The new machines will be launched worldwide on January 23, 2019.

  • Cathérine Königk
    Marketing Director
    HTC Sweden AB

    Cathérine Königk
    +46 36 570 6000 Catherine.Konigk@husqvarnagroup.com




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