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How to grind an HTC Superfloor™

Step-by-step movie


How to grind an HTC Superfloor™ – Step-by-step movie

The world-leading concept HTC Superfloor™ for polished concrete floors was launched more than 20 years ago. The methodology has been refined over the years, becoming an efficient and structured process carried out by HTC-trained contractors the world over. HTC is now releasing a video that provides a comprehensive description of the process, step by step.

The principle has always been the same – floors are ground and polished step by step to create a concrete floor that is smooth, durable and functional. Aesthetic benefits are also achieved, cleaning is easier and the light is reflected so that environments require less electric lighting. Instead of covering the concrete with, for example, paint or other coatings, the existing concrete is used to attain a natural floor with a contemporary look that is environmentally friendly.

In purely practical terms, how does one go about it?
Tomas Torvaldsson, product specialist at HTC explains : “Transforming a concrete floor is a rather advanced task that should be left to the experts for optimal results. All concrete floors are unique and require the right HTC tools, machines and methods. We at HTC are continuously refining these processes. To provide a comprehensive description of how a grinding and polishing project is carried out, we’ve made a short video showing the various steps.”

Watch the video to see how a rough concrete floor is transformed step by step into a shiny HTC Superfloor™.

You can read more about the benefits here.

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