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HTC launches a powerful planetary floor grinder

HTC 510 – Simplicity in a new, larger size


PRESS RELEASE - Söderköping, 28 August 2019

HTC 510 – simplicity in a new, larger size

In January 2019, an entirely new line of floor grinders and dust extractors was launched with the focus on user friendliness and ergonomics. The Start & Grind line is now being complemented with a new grinder – the HTC 510 – bringing the line up to a total of four grinders and four dust extractors.

The HTC 510 is a powerful planetary grinder with three counter-rotating grinding heads, making this a versatile grinder suitable for many different applications. It can be used for everything from stripping floors to grinding and polishing concrete, natural stone and wood. The grinder is available both in a single-phase and three-phase model, from 2.2 up to 4.0 kW, and features a grinding width of 515 mm.

A major advantage of the HTC 510 is the machine's grinding head, which is hermetically sealed, making it entirely dust-proof. This provides unparalleled protection from dust and moisture, and significantly increases the service life of the enclosed components.

Just as with the other grinders in the line, the HTC 510 chassis can be easily detached (and folded up) from the motor prior to transport. A robust, strong, versatile and ergonomic entry level machine for professional users who want to quickly and efficiently grind small to medium-sized areas.

START & GRIND consists of the following models:

  • HTC 510NEW: powerful planetary grinder with three counter-rotating grinding heads. Hermetically sealed grinding head protects components against dust and moisture. Available both in single-phase and three-phase versions.
  • HTC 450 – versatile planetary grinding machine with three counter-rotating grinding heads
  • HTC 400 – powerful floor grinding machine with a large grinding disc and high removal rate
  • HTC 280 – agile floor grinding machine with integrated edge grinding function
  • HTC D10 – light and versatile dust extractor, best suited for handheld grinders
  • HTC D20 – powerful dust extractor recommended for HTC 280 and 450
  • HTC D30 – very powerful, single-phase dust extractor with three large vacuum motors
  • HTC PS30 – pre-separator that separates the larger particles that can occur during eg. floor stripping

The launch date for the HTC 510 is August 28, 2019. 

  • Cathérine Königk
    Marketing Director
    HTC Sweden AB

    Cathérine Königk
    +46 36 570 6000 Catherine.Konigk@husqvarnagroup.com




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