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HTC Twister™ was a success at Europropre

HTC Twister™ made a huge impression on the visitors of Europropre in Paris last week.


Between March 31 and April 2 HTC France attended the show Europropre in Paris, France, and the visitors were mighty impressed by the benefits of HTC Twister™.

HTC showcased the entire HTC floor solution range with main focus on HTC Twister™. The booth had two marble floors, one black and one beige, and also one plastic floor which were used as demo areas to make the visitors realize how impressive HTC Twister™ really is. On the back wall the visitors where also reminded of how very simple, environmentally friendly and unique Twister™ is. “Just add water” says it all. It’s as simple as that and that’s just what the visitors could see with their own eyes.

The HTC booth was one of the most visited of the whole show and the crowd never seemed to diminish which obviously was really inspiring. Not only was there interest for HTC Twister™ but also HTC Superfloor™ attracted lots of attention. The show gave us many interesting leads in France and North Africa and lots of visitors placed their first orders already at the show.

A happy winner of 2 plane tickets to Sweden

During the show a “drawing lots” was organized by HTC. In an urn, the visitors were asked to drop a business card to win 2 plane tickets to Stockholm! The winner was called in live at the show. Congratulations to Mr. Conrad VILLANI from ARC EN CIEL NETTOYAGE who was really happy to visit Sweden next!

HTC France S.A.S. at Europropre, Paris, France