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WoC North America Recap

Brad Burns - HTC, Inc. Technical Director


WoC Recap

Well, World of Concrete has come and gone.  For those that attended, I’m sure you weren’t disappointed with the introduction of new grinders and other equipment.  Like years past, I didn’t get a chance to walk around much and see other vendors, but I did get to meet up with some old friends.  It appears that the “theme” for this year was propane grinders as a number of manufacturers rolled out new products - HTC Included with the 800RXP.


Contractors have been asking for a propane grinder for about a year now and it was hard not to tell them details about what we had in production.  But I didn’t want to spoil the surprise of the 800RXP. 


When asked to help design a propane grinder, I immediately went to the 800RX, our 1200 lb. remote controlled grinder, as a platform for design.  After all, it is an excellent grinder that offers so many benefits to the contractor:


  1. Remote control is more than an added “feature” or “luxury benefit”.  It is an essential element to maintain consistency on a project.  Okay, if you’re a one person operation and you yourself are pushing the grinder, then you can maintain some form of consistency, but benefits for the single user are listed below.  For companies that run multiple grinders on the project, remote control is a much better solution for maintaining consistency and high production at a project.  I just visited a project this week and witnessed one operator moving approximately 4’ per second while another operator across the warehouse was moving 1’ per minute (while leaning on the grinder and texting).  And the scratches are in the finished product to prove the inevitable outcome
  2. Weight, in my opinion, is an important factor for getting results.  No fat jokes here, I know I need to go on a diet.  But often times I hear contractors struggling to get refinement with our 800 Classic (weighing 800 lbs.) when if they had the extra 400 lbs of weight they could achieve the intended results much quicker.  We all want off the project quickly.
  3. Also helping to achieve refinement quicker is more diamond tooling.  Our 800RX platform has HTC’s patented 4 head technology which is more balance and allows for a tighter, condensed scratch pattern, resulting in better refinement.
  4. Remote control operation offers added benefits to the independent contractor.  The most important of all is safety.  Having the ability to “drive” the grinder on/off the trailer and into the project without having to manhandle a 1200 lb. monster is indescribable. I’ve mentioned this to several contractors just getting into the business.  I agree the higher price tag is difficult to justify, but one trip to the ER because you let the grinder get away from you on a steep slope offsets the cost!  Or by eliminating a worker’s comp. claim resulting in higher premiums also offsets the costs.  And for the money conscience customers, I can show you a quicker ROI result with a remote vs. pushing a grinder.

    So, how do you make an excellent grinder better? Cut the cord and offer flexibility.  The 800RXP offer the above benefits along with:
  5. Proven propane performance with Enviroguard/Kawasaki engines.
  6. Better job site proficiency.  You can actually gain about an hour (or more) in production without having to stretch cords and connect to generators.  Way more production time if you would have to wait on electricians to connect to main power sources!

Needless to say, our 800RXP gained a lot of attention at WOC and I’m looking forward to visiting it on projects very soon.


Another product I want to take the time to mention is our new FL series resin diamond tooling.  Our FL series is a new design for HTC - a 3” round velcro backed diamond tool.  It is a new formula that cuts very aggressive and refines very quickly - with little to no resin transfer.  This fills a cap for HTC in terms of “hybrid” tools.  The FL lower steps 3, 4, and 5 (equivalent to 40, 80, and 100 grits) are very aggressive, yet leave nice, tight scratch patterns. Higher steps 7-10 offer quick results for high sheen and clarity creating a “flawless” finish.  Hence, the naming of the series “FL” mimicking the designation of a “flawless” natural diamond.


From all indications, this year looks to be a great year for the construction business.  I’ve heard of a lot of changes coming down the pike this year for our industry.  I see a lot of new technology, and some old technology that is improved, to help contractors gain better, quicker results.  I also still see a huge need for training in our industry - so be sure to look into the opportunities to learn more about new products and techniques for concrete polishing through HTC Academy.

  • Brad Burns
    Product Manager Floor Solutions & HTC Academy
    HTC Floor Systems America

    Brad Burns
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