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EZwood™ - wood grinding is finally easy

HTC 420 VS

HTC now revolutionize the wood grinding/wood sanding market by introducing an all new wood grinding concept. With HTC 420 VS and the new EZwood™ tools anyone can now grind a wooden floor – also the unaccustomed DIYers! With the HTC concept you get an even and nice looking floor without low spots and you get close to the edges. A person who can use a vacuum cleaner can now also grind a wooden floor! Read more about HTC 420 and its exceptional features.

The new tools series EZwood™ for wood grinding/wood sanding

HTC introduces an all new concepts of wood grinding tools. The new developed tools simplify your grinding of all kinds of wooden floors, from wooden decks, rough plank floor to the finest of parquet floors. The tools are composed of unique materials and technique which gives them the most effective performance of wood grinding tools on the market.

  • The most effective wood grinding tool on the market
  • Simplified grinding process
  • Long life / outstanding performance
  • Developed for the simple and unique EZchange system.
  • Quicker end-result
EZwood™ grinding guide

Download the EZwood™ grinding guide for more information and our latest recommendations for wood grinding.


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