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The HTC Method

The HTC Method

HTC Superfloor™ is a method for grinding and polishing of concrete floors. This is done with HTC’s diamond tools in several steps with gradually smaller and smaller grit sizes. The process consists of grinding, refinement, impregnation and polishing. This procedure gives the surface a high gloss polish and all the qualities that characterize a real HTC Superfloor™.

HTC Superfloor™ – The method step by step


  • HTC Superfloor
    The basic concept of HTC Superfloor™

    The basic concept of HTC Superfloor™ The basic concept of HTC Superfloor™

    An HTC Superfloor™ is a polished concrete floor done with HTC equipment. This movie shows you how a basic concrete surface becomes a stunning HTC Superfloor™.


  • HTC Superfloor - Phase 1
    Phase 1:

    First a rough grinding or a removal of old and dirty coverings is performed.

  • HTC Superfloor - phase 2
    Phase 2:

    After that a refining process towards a flat and fine surface starts. This phase involves two grinding steps

  • HTC Superfloor - phase 3
    Phase 3:

    The floor is impregnated with HTC Cure™, to prepare for diamond polishing.

  • HTC Superfloor - Phase 4
    Phase 4:

    The polishing starts with HTC’s specially designed diamond tools for HTC Superfloor™ production.

  • HTC Superfloor - phase 5
    Phase 5:

    After 7 grinding steps the surface is high gloss polished and you have a functional, economic and ecological HTC Superfloor™.