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Simply the best method

  • HTC 650 HDX
    HTC 650 HDX
  • HTC 800 RX
    HTC 800 RX
  • HTC 80 iD
    HTC 80 iD
  • HTC 270 EG
    HTC 270 EG
  • Level surface & floor preparation
    Level surface & floor preparation

For nearly 50 years, scarifying and shot blasting machines have looked and functioned the same. For those who still believe that these methods are the smartest way of machining a floor, it’s time to think again.

The development of HTC’s machines and tools means that there is no longer any reason at all for continuing to use old-fashioned methods and equipment.

Users of HTC’s equipment around the world who have kept up with developments save both time and money when they start to use modern equipment – and HTC is leading the trend.


Pros Works on all surfaces
Pros Many areas of use
Pros A flat surface can always be achieved
Pros Close to edges
Pros Low noise level and little dust

Scarifying / Shot blasting

Cons Impossible to get a flat surface. Grinding or self-levelling compound is required afterwards
Cons Leaves lines that often can be seen under the covering
Cons Extra covering material is required
Cons Untreated surface 70-90 mm from the wall
Cons Lots of dust, vibrations and noise
Cons Few areas of use

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