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Shortened construction process

5 days drying time

Shortened construction process with HTC
5 days drying time

Allow the concrete slab to harden for 2 days. Then grind the slab smooth, removing the concrete skin which “opens” the concrete and allows the slab to dry faster.

Once the grinding is finished, construction work can continue. As the slab is smooth from the grinding, no self-levelling compound is required. However, it must be watered and covered with plastic to avoid shrinkage cracks.


Allow the concrete slab to harden while watering it under plastic for 7 days. Then grinding can commence and no more watering is required.


Pros Significantly shorter construction time
Pros Lower costs
Pros Less edge work
Pros Fewer risks
Pros Environmentally-friendly construction process

The importance of a good casting

The smoothness of the concrete slab from the casting and the size of the grinding machine determine how fast the concrete slab can be finished.

Example – grinding with an HTC 950 RX
Class A cast concrete is +/- 3 mm on a 2 m straight-edge board = around 40m² an hour.
Class B cast concrete is +/- 5 mm on a 2 m straight-edge board = around 20m² an hour.