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Shot blasting

Shot blasting of concrete floors

floor surfaces

Shot blasting is one of the old methods earlier used to level a floor and to prepare a concrete floor for further treatment. A common problem with shot blasting is that the covering on the floor is too thick. Shot blasting can only remove up to 2-3 mm screed or 1 mm epoxy. Furthermore, the heat produced from shot blasting can make the covering sticky.

Shot blasting leaves an untreated surface of 7-9 mm to the wall, a surface that then must be treated in some other way.

What is shot blasting?

Shot blasting means that a machine projects a large number of small steel balls towards the surface of the floor and this way crush the surface. Most of these balls are then drawn back into the machine to be used again. However, some of balls usually slip out of the system and can damage the environment. Shot blasting also damage the remaining surface making it impossible to get a completely flat and leveled surface. Instead, self-leveling compound is required or that the floor is grinded.

Grinding replaces shot blasting

Today, shot blasting is largely replaced by grinding in many countries and within the next few years we believe that grinding will have replaced shot blasting all over the world.

HTC recommend grinding instead of shot blasting in all floor preparation. Read more about HTC Superprep™.


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