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Superprep™ benefits

What are the benefits with HTC Superprep™?

 Save time - ready for further preparations

Save time

- ready for further treatment

  • Quicker and smoother end results
  • Grind close to edges and corners
  • Reduces need for self-leveling compound
  • Shorter drying times 

Improve your work environment 

Improve your working environment

- smarter working methods

  • HTC Superprep™ can be used while activities continue in the area
  • Virtually dust-free
  • Few vibrations, only 0,6 m/s²
  • Using HTC grinding machines, you reach no more than 90 dB

Enironmentally friendly - save energy 

Consider the environment

- save energy

  • Less material consumption, less environmental impact 
  • Fewer transports, lighter carbon footprint
  • 50 kWh to lay 1 m² of Epoxy
  • Profit for you, benefit for the environment, win-win

 Simplicity - Floor solutions in a box


- The floor solution in a box

  • The HTC Superprep™ tools in a box
  • Manages all floor prep jobs 
  • Works with all HTC grinding machines
  • Simplifies matters for rental/hire companies 

20 years experience - organized educations 

20 years' experience

- Customised training

  • Customised training carried out by floor professionals and educators
  • The same training in every countries
  • Practical and theoretical training
  • Training carried out by the global leaders

Save money - less material consumption 

Save money

- less material consumption

  • 40% less material consumption
  • Lower transport costs
  • Fewer man hours