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HTC Infrastructure

One of the many areas of use for HTC’s technology is infrastructure. Our products have been in use in this field for many years, with various applications. With more than 25 years’ experience and development of both grinding machines and diamond tools, we can offer simple, effective and fast solutions to most problems regarding surfaces within infrastructure, both indoors and outdoors. So if you have a problem or are looking for a faster way to deal with a surface, you’ve come to the right place.

Why so effective?

Our concept is essentially based on the different diamond tools. As the world’s hardest material, diamond has properties that, in combination with our patented machines, make it possible to grind with high precision and quality. By selecting the right tool for the right task, we can use the same machine to produce many different types of surface, from extremely rough to the most finely polished, all according to your needs and wishes.

Horizontal processing

A grinding machine works a surface horizontally rather than vertically. With the right tools, we can control how much of the surface is cut away with each pass. This type of processing reduces vibration, which in other processing methods can damage structures. This method produces a level surface with a microstructure suitable for material requiring strong adhesiveness.

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  • Per Sandström
    Export Area Manager & Floor Concepts Expert
    HTC Sweden AB

    Per Sandström
    +46 31 94 90 40 Per.Sandstrom@htc.se

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