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Test results

Test results of HTC's flooring solutions

  • Removing coatings with HTC 950 RX
    Removing coatings with HTC 950 RX
  • Level surface & floor preparation
    Level surface & floor preparation
  • HTC Superfloor™ in a museum
    HTC Superfloor™ in a museum
  • HTC Superfloor in Malmö
    HTC Superfloor in Malmö

Many tests of HTC’s different flooring solutions have been performed over the years and you can now download some of the test results here. The tests are done in different languages but if you need help with understanding any of the results, please contact your local HTC office.

Grinding vs. shot blasting and scarifying

The test was performed in order to compare grinding, shot blasting and scarifying as a method for floor prep and to prove the importance of achieving a leveled surface to reduce the costs for covering materials.

Download results

Test of adhesive strength

In the test the adhesive strength of a grinded surface and a shot blasted surface is compared.

Download results

Life Cycle Assessment of Industrial Floors

A comparative study of HTC Superfloor™ and an epoxy floor by Josefine Hellström at Linköping University.

Download english pdf
Download swedish pdf

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