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HTC Academy

By professionals, for professionals

HTC Academy


We believe that the HTC Academy is an excellent forum to stay up-to-date with all the new floor concepts, grinding techniques and equipment that constantly are being developed.

In the HTC Academy, you will learn about different grinding methods to suit your specific need and type of floor whether it be concrete, naturals stone or wood. You’ll also learn about diamond tools, how to choose the right equipment, trouble shooting and above all, the benefits of an HTC Superfloor and how to produce it.

The Academy is both theoretical and practical so get ready to interact! The classes are all held by our highly skilled application specialist with vast experience within the grinding business.

The program is developed to suit both experienced contractors that wish to further expand their knowledge in floor prep and polished floors, as well as those of you that are less experienced or might not have grinded at all. If you have specific requests, don't hesitate to contact us in order to tailor an Academy to meet your specific needs.

Dates and registration

The dates for the official HTC Academies 2019 can be found in the table below. If you are interested in attending any of these, contact the responsible course manager for more details and sign-up information. You can also download your registration form below. Select the country in which you intend to participate. Contact your local HTC office if you need more information.

Location (Language) Sweden (Swedish) Sweden (English) Germany (German) US (English) UK (English) France (French)
Contact person Henrik Lindkvist Henrik Lindkvist Axel Dissen Brad Burns Kevin Wheeler Yan Villemain
February 13-14
5-6, 13-14   13-14  
12-13, 20-21 13-14
April  3-4     17-18
May 22-23   21-22   14-15  
June     18-19      
July     10-11      
August     20-21 21-22    
September 4-5 25-26 24-25   10-11  11-12
29-30 9-10    16-17
November 6-7  27-28     12-13  13-14
3-4      11-12


  • Henrik Lindkvist
    Product Specialist Floor Solutions / Academy Coordinator
    HTC Sweden AB

    Henrik Lindkvist
    +46 121 294 00 henrik.lindkvist@husqvarnagroup.com

  • Tomas Torvaldsson
    Product Specialist Floor Solutions
    HTC Sweden AB

    Tomas Torvaldsson
    +46 121 294 00 tomas.torvaldsson@husqvarnagroup.com

  • Mikael Stuhrmann
    Product Manager Floor Solutions & Academies
    HTC Sweden AB

    Mikael Stuhrmann
    +46 70 985 21 63 mikael.stuhrmann@husqvarnagroup.com


  • Axel Dissen
    Application & Sales
    HTC Floor Systems

    Axel Dissen
    +49 160 5543342 axel.dissen@husqvarnagroup.com

  • Christian Siemon
    Application & Sales
    HTC Floor Systems

    Christian Siemon
    +49 177 6273171 christian.siemon@husqvarnagroup.com


  • Yan Villemain
    Product Manager
    HTC Floor Systems France

    Yan Villemain
    +33 6 14 37 29 46 Yan.Villemain@husqvarnagroup.com


  • Kevin Wheeler
    National Account Manager
    HTC Floor Systems Ltd

    Kevin Wheeler
    +44 (0) 845 460 2500 Kevin.Wheeler@husqvarnagroup.com


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