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Expand with HTC

How can you expand your business with HTC?

  • HTC 800 RX
    HTC 800 RX
  • Väderstad-Verken
  • HTC 950 RX
    HTC 950 RX
  • HTC 80 iD and HTC 800 RX
    HTC 80 iD and HTC 800 RX
  • Marble floor
    Marble floor
  • HTC 650 RX
    HTC 650 RX
  • Medley Spa & Wellness center in Linköping, Sweden
    Medley Spa & Wellness center in Linköping, Sweden

For over 20 years, HTC has been the pioneer in developing more effective methods to grind and maintain floors. Today, HTC is the only company in the world that offers machines, tools, training, cleaning and maintenance systems for all types of flooring. Whether your business is a flooring contractor, a construction company or is in the cleaning industry, HTC can offer your business the latest technology and the best prospects for your business to grow.

Floor, Construction or Rental Company

HTC’s innovations has pushed and changed the market for floor grinding and today, floor grinding with HTC’s machines is recommended by several of the largest flooring suppliers and concrete producers in the world.

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