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HTC - The market leader

  • HTC available worldwide
    HTC available worldwide
  • HTC 2500 iX
    HTC 2500 iX
  • HTC 1500 ixT
    HTC 1500 ixT
  • HTC 80 iD
    HTC 80 iD
  • HTC 650 RX
    HTC 650 RX
  • HTC push the development
  • World agreements with the major players
  • HTC offers your company competitive advantages

For over 20 years, HTC’s innovations has pushed and changed the market for floor grinding into what it is today. During this time, HTC has established itself as the largest player in the world and are operating worldwide with the help of its subsidiaries and distributors.

Today, floor grinding with HTC’s equipment is recommended by several of the largest flooring suppliers and concrete producers in the world. HTC Superfloor™ is today the only standardized method for grinding and polishing of concrete floors, and HTC’s grinding methods to refine screed is now standard.

With HTC you get benefits no one else can offer.

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