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Our knowledge – Your comfort

  • Our knowledge – Your comfort
    Our knowledge – Your comfort
  • HTC Group
    HTC Group
  • Customized training seminars
  • The same training in all countries
  • Service and support for HTC’s customers

HTC has more than 20 years of experience of grinding and maintenance of floors. All our knowledge is something that we also bring to our customers. Since 2003 HTC has conducted training in how you as a contractor grind, treat and maintain floors. Our “HTC Academy” (HTC University in the U.S.) has become extremely popular and is held in all countries where HTC operates. This way we are also able to ensure that HTC and our distributors can provide service and support when necessary. Our intention is that you as a customer of HTC should have the best possibilities to create a good economy for your business and get the most satisfied customers.

All HTC machines are developed and assembled at our headquarters in Sweden. Our tools are developed together with our subsidiaries since concrete and stone varies in different geographical regions. We believe this to be important to be able to maintain the best quality on the market. For the sake of our customers we will never stop improving our products and the recent years we have increased our efforts in quality and product development. As an HTC customer, you will always have the best possibilities to complete a successful flooring job with a good economy.

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