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Parking garage

Technology for repair of parking garages

Parking garage

Car parks, parking garages & garages

While repairing and changing waterproofing layers, we remove residual material effectively from the previous waterproofing layer and form a perfect surface structure for adhesion. In conjunction with the new construction, the surface concrete is ground away and a perfect surface for adhesion is formed. Most often, car-park surfaces are large, requiring higher-capacity machines. The most suitable device for this type of surface is our radio-controlled model HTC 950 RX. Our larger model, HTC 1500IXT, is highly effective and time-saving. The choice of machine depends on the load to be handled. In many older parking garages this is a problem, but the grinding machines’ horizontal processing produces fewer vibrations, and above all avoids shocks that can otherwise occur with procedures such as milling. Together with effective suction equipment, the ground-off material is dealt with in an environmentally friendly way. Depending on the quality of the concrete, a cleaning-friendly floor can be produced in the parking garage by grinding to a suitable structure.

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