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Products for floor grinding and floor polishing

HTC floor grinders

  • HTC 1500 ixT
    HTC 1500 ixT

    The HTC 1500 ixT is the perfect ride-on machine
    It functions just as well in large areas as in small. It can rotate 180° on the spot. The grinding width is around 1.4 m and the motors are 11 kW each.

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  • HTC 950 RX
    HTC 950 RX

    Radio controlled and perfect for large areas
    The radio control significantly simplifies the work and extends the grinding time per day. The work also becomes more efficient since dust extractors can be emptied and cables handled while the machine is run on radio control.

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    Born to set new standards
    With the DURATIQ, HTC has set an entirely new standard for reliability, precision and control. A unique combination of intelligence and raw power. Always at the forefront of development – this is what motivates everything we do at HTC.

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    Born to set new standards 
    With the DURATIQ, HTC has set an entirely new standard for reliability, precision and control. A unique combination of intelligence and raw power. Always at the forefront of development – this is what motivates everything we do at HTC.

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    Power meets versatility
    The DURATIQ 5 is a floor grinder with unmatched versatility for professional users. With its ultra-compact size, it's a powerful tool for all types of grinding jobs in various environments, but without compromising on DURATIQ’s unique technology.

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  • HTC 450
    HTC 450

    A planetary grinder for both concrete grinding and floor prep
    The HTC 450 is a planetary grinder with three counter-rotating grinding heads, making this a versatile grinder suitable for many different applications.

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  • HTC 400
    HTC 400

    Floor grinder with incredible removal rate
    The HTC 400 is a very powerful grinder with a large grinding disc and high grinding capacity.

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  • HTC 280
    HTC 280

    Floor grinder and edge grinder in one
    The HTC 280 is a small, agile floor grinder with a 2.2 kW motor that’s just right for simpler floor stripping or grinding. The grinder can also be easily reconfigured for edge grinding.

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  • HTC 270 EG
    HTC 270 EG

    An award winning masterpiece in edge grinding
    Switching to an HTC 270 EG means that the time spent on edge grinding can be seriously reduced for any contractor. We are confident to say that the HTC 270 EG is the world first true professional edge grinder.

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Dust extractors

  • HTC 80 iD II
    HTC 80 iD II

    Take control
    The HTC 80 iD II is equipped with a high performance integrated pre-separator that removes up to 95% of the dust and increase filter lifetime

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  • HTC D60
    HTC D60

    An automatic and remotely connected dust extractor
    The HTC D60 has been specifically designed for floor grinding and to work most efficiently with our DURATIQ grinders.

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  • HTC D30
    HTC D30

    A very powerful dust extractor
    The HTC D30 is a very powerful, single-phase dust extractor with three large vacuum motors.

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  • HTC D20
    HTC D20

    A powerful dust extractor
    HTC D20 recommended for HTC 280 and HTC 450. With two HEPA H13 filters, it can handle the finest concrete dust.

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  • HTC D10
    HTC D10

    A light dust extractor
    The HTC D10 is a light and versatile dust extractor, best suited for handheld grinders and general clean-up.

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  • HTC PS30
    HTC PS30

    A robust pre-separator
    The HTC PS30 is a robust pre-separator that separates the larger particles that can occur during floor stripping, for example.

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  • HTC SUPERPREP series
    SUPERPREP Series

    Tools tougher than any job
    The series combines the entirely new EZ PREP series, along with the well-known T-Rex® and Ravager tools, both of which have been further developed and improved.

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  • S series
    S Series

    S-Series for soft concrete and abrasive surfaces
    Soft concrete, asphalt or other porous materials are often very abrasive and tools risk being worn out pretty quickly if not chosen wisely

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  • M series
    M Series

    M-Series is specifically developed for medium hard concrete (Moh’s scratch test between 3-5)
    The M-series includes the M0 and M1 tool which are very good all-round tools for floor prep thanks to their high durability (life) together with a good performance

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  • H series
    H Series

    H-Series is specifically developed for hard concrete (Moh’s scratch test between 5-7)
    For power troweled surfaces the H-series could be a good choice. The H-series can also be suitable for processing of natural stone such as marble and terrazzo

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  • X series
    X Series

    X-Series is specifically developed for extremely hard concrete (Moh’s scratch test between 7-9)
    Grinding extremely hard concrete can provide challenges and the X-series is perfect for these type of tricky situations

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  • X series
    XX Series

    For extremely hard concrete, when nothing else can make the cut!
    The new XX2 is a unique diamond tool for the hardest concrete and where speed is essential.

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  • Tool ring 180 Gold M2
    Tool Rings

    For concrete grinding
    The HTC tool rings are equipped with our S, M or X single segments and is an alternative to using our single segment EZ wings.

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  • SGW 1 Silver
    SGW Series

    HTC Plastic rings - For wet grinding of natural stone floors with uneven Surfaces
    The SGW-rings are especially efficient when it comes to wet grinding of uneven placed floor tiles 

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  • DT 5 HX Black
    DT Series

    For unparalleled transition
    The revolutionary way to achieve the perfect floor in less time without compromising on quality.

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  • DX 5 Black
    DX Series

    Diamond Xpress Series
    Diamond Xpress is a grinding system for marble, terrazzo and other similar types of floors. Thanks to advanced diamond and composite technology, the system requires no water.

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  • EZ FP 5 Black
    EZ FP Series

    Our FP-series is an excellent polishing tool that is very appreciated for its outstanding performance in creating a high gloss.

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  • EZ REP 4 Brown
    EZ REP Series

    Our REP-series is a grinding and polishing tool specifically developed for wet processing of natural stone such as marble, terrazzo and limestone.

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  • EZ SR 6 Blue

    The SR tools are mainly used in the HTC Superfloor™ process
    The new SR series are updated with a completely new formula and a new design which gives the tools an enhanced performance and output.

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  • EZ BB 5

    New Super Resin tools with extended life.
    The main benefit of these tools is the extended life. They also leave a more uniform scratch pattern compared to other tools which speeds up the grinding process.

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  • EZ BBX 2 Gold
    EZ BBX Series

    Unique composite technology
    Big Block Xtreme is a continuation of the BB series. Thanks to advanced composite and diamond technology, it is possible, in many cases, to replace completely the use of metal tools.

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  • Fenix Black

    Updated with a new formula and design
    The Fenix II series is updated with a new formula and design giving the tools an increased performance.

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In 1992, HTC launched its first floor grinding machine and has since then become the market leader in floor grinding and floor grinding equipment. HTC's floor grinding machines are known in the industry for its high performance and quality but just as much for the characteristic design. HTC's aim is to provide the best machines on the market and we believe that also usability and visual appearance are important aspects when launching a new machine.

Floor grinders

HTC offer floor grinders in all sizes. From the award winning edge grinder HTC 270 EG to the latest innovation in the floor grinding industry, HTC DURATIQ™.

Dust extractors

Designing a dust extractor is not only about collection of grinding residue. An ingeniously designed dust extractor can actually also increase your productivity, which makes effective dust collection vital for any serious flooring contractor. Dust extractors from HTC are especially designed for the grinding industry and the unique functionalities and design makes them perfect for any type of floor grinding.

HTC Greyline™

The HTC Greyline™ series is a line of floor grinding equipment that are especially aimed towards the rental industry or for anyone who needs a powerful floor grinder but that might not be used at all times. HTC Greyline™ utilizes HTC's patented technology but with more traditional equipment and design.

Diamond tools

HTC has developed the largest selection of diamond tools for floor grinding on the market. The R&D department is constantly looking at ways to improve our diamond tools even further and our tooling range is therefore frequently updated.


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