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DURATIQ accessories

Small details that make a huge difference


In this category, we have gathered all accessories for our grinding machines in the DURATIQ™ series.

  • DURATIQ light kit
    DURATIQ light kit
    Item no: 594042401

    Two directed to the front, one to the rear. Freely positioned with magnets

  • HTC D60 LED lighting
    HTC D60 light kit
    Item no: 593964401

    Two separate LED units with spiral cords provide extra light at the working area. Freely positioned with magnets.

  • Extra weight 17 kg
    Extra weight 17 kg
    Item no: 593544701

    Extra weight 17 kg / 37,5 pounds for DURATIQ 6/8

  • Extra weight 20 kg
    Extra weight 20 kg
    Item no: 595718801

    Extra weight 20 kg / 44 pounds for DURATIQ 5

  • DURATIQ travel mug
    DURATIQ travel mug
    Item no: 593319602

    Stainless insulated 330 ml

  • Cup holder
    Mug holder with Gyro-suspension
    Item no: 593491901

    Mug holder with Gyro-suspension for the DURATIQ TRAVEL MUG.

  • Phone holder
    Phone holder
    Item no: 593492001

    Fits most phones.

  • Hose and cable strap
    Hose and cable strap
    Item no: 593543801

    For DURATIQ 5/6/8

  • Hose guide assembly
    Hose guide assembly
    Item no: 593536701

    For DURATIQ 5/6/8

  • HTC D60 DURATIQ Remote connectivity
    HTC D60 remote connection
    Item no: 594041001

    Remotely connect the HTC D60 with a DURATIQ grinder and control the dust extractor remotely from the grinder’s control panel or remote control unit.

  • DURATIQ remote control battery
    DURATIQ remote control battery
    Item no: 593491501

    Have a battery charging in the storage compartment at the same time as you are operating the machine

  • Integrated battery charger
    Integrated battery charger
    Item no: 593491401

    Integrated charger for batteries (remote control) under top cover

  • Remote control cable
    Remote control cable
    Item no: 593584901

    Cable can be used for operation where remote control is not permitted.

  • Transport bag
    Transport bag
    Item no: 593492401

    Protect the remote control during transport and keep batteries organized

  • Ergonomic carrying hook
    Ergonomic carrying hook
    Item no: 593493401

    Choose carrying hook as option for the remote control to make work easier

  • Power cable
    Electrical cable
    Item no: 593378401

    3 x 32 A, 5G6, 25 m


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